How to Measure & Fit Guidelines for your SpecTACKular BioThane Beta Horse Tack

Get Fit

We believe the fit of the Horse Tack on your Horse matters. We are on a mission to end poorly fitted gear & outdated fit guidelines on your Horse. Imagine running a marathon in two sizes too small or big. Please!

We could give you old-fashioned guidelines like “Horse”, “Arabian”, “Gaited”, “Quarter Horse”, and more… However with today’s Horse breeding that would just be outdated - like everybody else. So instead - “Get Fit”! Follow our measuring instructions and you’ll get a SpecTACKular fit for your high-performance Equine Athlete.

How our SpecTACKular BioThane Horse Tack is designed to fit

Our Bridles, by design, are an “athletic fit” for your Horse. more...

Our Changeable Browbands tend to be a looser fit. more...

Bits & such. Our research shows that about 96% of all bits have a 2”-2-1/2” Bit Purchase Length (BPL) more...

Our bit diagram more...

Our Curb Chains and Straps are a “one-size fits most”. The adjustability range more...

Our Endurance Style Breast Collars are designed “Off-the-Shoulder” to allow more...

How to “Get fit”

1) Get Your Horse Measured - Do it Yourself

  1. Watch You-Tube Videos (Head Gear or Breast Collar)
  2. Print Head Gear or Breast Collar “Barn Ready” Diagram
  3. Measure horse and write down measures
  4. Return to our site & enter measurements, by horse in “My Barn”. Note: Once you have built “My Barn”. You’ll NEVER have to remember the horse’s measurements again. Hum… am thinking Birthday presents J
  5. Using your Horses’ Measurements - View Size Charts “Get Fit Chart Head Gear & Breast Collars ” & determine the Get Fit size.  Either:  Sleek, Standard or Custom.

2) Get Your Horse Measured – Ambassador (click to find one)

  1. Our Ambassadors are trained on how to measure your horse. It’s a FREE service with absolutely - no obligation. They are more then happy to do this at a trail head, in a trail camp, on a trail ride – anywhere you two & your horses meet up.
  2. They will provide you with a business card with your horse measurements.
  3. You can then create your horses profile in “My Barn” and begin to build your barn or they will do this for you. Note: Once “My Barn” is built. You’ll NEVER have to remember the horse’s measurements again.


Head Gear Measurement Diagram

Get Fit Size Chart Head Gear

Get Fit Size Breast Collars


Update / Edit / add to “My Barn”

Create “My Barn” Horse profile