How to Adjust our BioThane Horse Tack

If you ever need to adjust our BioThanes tack, it’s easy to do. 

The BioThane strapping can be cut to remove excess with a pair of sharp scissors.  We like an “English Point” at the end of our strapping for a clean look.  Be sure to leave the strapping long enough so that when it is buckled, it extends at least ½ inch past the buckle or the keeper loop, whichever the case may be.  

If an adjustment hole is needed where it is not provided, a simple leather punch will do the job.  Take care to center the hole on the strapping, and make a hole just large enough for the buckle tongue to slide through tightly. 

Note:  Too many holes or holes too close together can increase the risk of tearing.  Best Practice:  Do not punch unnecessary holes, and keep holes at least 1 inch apart at pressure points, and ½ inch apart at non-pressure points. And, remember the workshop rule – Measure twice and cut (or punch) once.

Note:  In our workshop every punch & cut is heat sealed for a cleaner appearance.  A light touch with a soldering iron is all it takes.  However your handful of adjustment holess & cuts to the strapping will be just fine without this added step.