Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridle - Classic Series

BioThane Halter Bridle Combo Add-a-Bridle Beta Colors -Classic
Horse Shoe Brand - Half Buckles - BRUSHED Finish (Shown) or Black InlayHorse Shoe Brand - Conway buckle & TL & Bit -BRUSHED (Shown) or Black InlayThumb Touch Easy -Stainless Steel Halter Snap at Throat LatchStrong Stainless Steel Halter SquaresStainless Steel Halter Loop for your lead-rope when you tie-upHorse Shoe Brand Concho Covered Snap on Changeable Browband Black Inlay (Shown)Horse Shoe Brand on Changeable Browband Closure with Concho covered Snap BLACK BioThane Black Beta - Looks & Feels like LeatherBioThane Chocolate Brown Beta  - Looks & Feels like LeatherBioThane Caramel Brown Beta - Looks & Feels like LeatherBioThane Gloss Black - Smooth, Glossy Finish, Lightweight yet StrongBioThane Dusty Blue - Smooth, Glossy Finish, Lightweight yet strongBioThane Navy - Smooth, Glossy Finish, Lightweight yet strongBioThane Wine - Smooth, Glossy Finish, Lightweight yet strong
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The Classic Series Halter Bridles Add-a-Bridles is functional, Western style made with materials and craftsmanship for everyday use. Trail riders and Endurance Riders love our BioThanes Betas Halters Bridles. It looks like leather yet is made with genuine BioThane Beta which out performs leather and poly webbing in every way. BioThane is carefree! Weather and Waterproof too - BioThane will not absorb your horses sweat, germs, fly spray or even, water from a drink in a river. The Essential series features stainless steel roller buckless for easy adjustments.

Our Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridle is our unique design that allows the bridle to be removed, while the halter remains on the horse. When you're ready to tie-up, slip the bits out of the mouth and lift the bridle off over the ears. When you are ready to mount up, slip the bit in the mouth; the bridle over the ears; snap on the Changeable Browbands; and, away you go. You just "Added a Bridle". Easy on you. Easy on your horse.

All of SpecTACKular's Tack is made of BioThane material which out performs leather in every way. BioThane is stronger, lighter weight and maintenance free - Just hose it off to keep it looking like new! Our BioThane Tack will never mildew, mold or dry rot. Our Strategic Stitchings is designed to eliminate running on your horse. SpecTACKular uses only Stainless Steel Hardwares that will never rust or tarnish and is stronger than nickel or brass. The stainless steel snap at the throat latchs is called a "Thumb Touch Snap", appropriately named because of its easy operation by the human hand. Ease of human use and your horses comfort are a priority.

BioThane Beta Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridle Classic Product Specifications:

  • 3/4" Equine Strength "Super Heavy" BioThane on the Halter.
  • 5/8" Equine Strength "Super Heavy" BioThane for Throat Latch and to the Bit.
  • Changeable Browband is 3/4" wide Underlays with 5/8" wide Overlays with 1" wide Concho Covered Snaps
  • 100% Stainless Steel Hardware, including Jeremiah Watt - Horse Shoe Brand in Brushed or Black Inlay Finish
  • Replaceable Poll Straps (In case of pull-back)
  • Ready for your bit or Hackmore. Reins and Curbs are sold separately
  • American Made
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  • Lifetime Warranty

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Want to add an extra Browband? - Our Changeable Browbands can change the look of this bridle in a snap

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Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridle - Design-It-Yourself Series for custom sizes, more colors and hardware finish options available via Special Order.

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