Glossary beginning with S

Glossary of Terms and Definitions


The thing a rider put on horse’s back to hold them comfortably when riding.

Saddle Blanket or Pad

The protective layer between the horse and saddles.

Saddle Connectors

A component of our Breast Collarss. The short straps that runs from the Shoulder Straps and actually connects to the Saddles D Rings.

Scissor Snaps

We use these on our reinss to make attachment to your bits a breeze. The flat bar on the end helps the rein straps to lay nicely. The Thumb release is easy with one hand. Yes, they are stainless steel

Shoulder Strap

A component of our Breast Collarss. The straps that runs from the center of the Breast Collar Ring or Martingale Plate to the Saddles Connector Strap.

Single Strap Breast Collars

These new Breast Collar Style is designed to attach to your saddles cinch ring, near your billet. It is a single straps that "floats" accross your horses chest. It comes in solid collars or two-tone. Crystasl spots can even be added. It comes unlined or lined with waffle padding. See Breast Collarss & Endurance Style Breast Collars too.

Sleek Size

see Get Fits & measuring information. Generally fits most finer boned, smaller horses.

Slobber Straps

A short piece of straps that attaches to your bits and to your own reinss. Only needed, if the reins are leather to protect the leather from the natural moisture of a horse’s mouth.

Snaps, Button

Snaps close by interlocking together when pressed. Like the snap on a shirt, purse or cell phone case. We use this strong, stainless steel button snaps on our Interchangeable Browbands.

Snaps, Clip on

We use this hardy snap on our Halter Bridles at the Throat Latchs and on our Breast Collarss where it attaches to the Saddles and Girths or Cinch. They are strong, more secure and yet still easy on the human hand. Yes, they are stainless steel.

Standard Size

see Get fits & measuring information. Generally fits most Quarter Horses and some mature or larger gaited horses


The flat band or strip used to create Horseback riding gear. It could be a leather straps; however our straps are all BioThane—lighter weight, but stronger.

Strategic Stitching

We turn our Stitching to the outside, wherever possible, away from your horse - so it does not rub against their sensitive skin when they are in motion. Duh! And ...we finish the stitching on the outside of our products - beautifully. No ugly box stitching. See Threads too.

Swivel Snaps

We sew these on at the top of our Bit Hangerss on our Halter Bridles with Bits Hangers. We also sew our removable Rein Popper on this little gem. The durable thumb spring is even stainless steel for longevity. The flat bar on the end helps the straps to lie nicely when sewn on. Yes, they are stainless steel