Glossary beginning with R

Glossary of Terms and Definitions


The straps that a rider holds in their hand while riding to communicate with the horse. Reinss attach to the bits on each side. Because reins are a part of the Horse’s Athletic Gear and the Rider’s Athletic Gear they are a very personal choice. We offer 5/8” or ¾” widths and several different lengths. We also offer Reins with Braided Hand Grips in ¾” width.
There are two basic Rein configuration choices:
1) Loop Reins – sometimes called Ropers Reins. This is one continuous strap going from one end of the bit to the other. Loop Reins can be one solid piece of strap or they can have an “O” ring sewn in the middle, making two pieces of strap permanently into one loop. If a rider chooses Loop Reins with the “O” ring, a snap-on Popper maybe included or ordered separately.
2) Split Reins – Are two independent straps, each attaching independently to one side of the bit.