Glossary beginning with P

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Poll Strap

A component of a Halter Bridles. The straps that goes behind the horses ears at the top of his / her head or the “Poll”. On the Halters Bridle Add-a bridle there will be two straps located at the Poll. A Poll Straps attaching to the halter and a Crown straps attaching to the Bridle. See Crown strap.


Two pieces of 30" long thin straps that are sewn onto a swivel snap. The removable Popper snaps onto the center "O" Ring on Loop Reinss with "O" Ring. Popperss can be used to extend your reach and allow your horse to drink from a stream. They can help you communicate a little extra energy as needed. A popper can even help bat away a fly or clear a spider web.

Primary Color

aka Color 1. The main color of your gear. Example: A Black bridles with a red brow band would be ordered with black as the Primary Colors.