Glossary beginning with O

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

O Ring

A polished finish stainless steel ring that is round. Used on our Halter Bridles, Our Breast Collarss and on our Loop Reinss with centered "O" Ring. They are welded Stainless Steel, which are actually stronger than un-welded. We pre-select the correct circumference size for the Tack 1-1/8" through 1 ¾".

Off Side

A horse term to describe the right side of the horse. The off sides is sometimes also called the far sides. The opposite side is called the near sides.

Out Post

A stationary location, usually a private Horse Camp. An Out Posts has our gear available for on-site demo & has many of the products offered on our web-site available for purchase in-stock. The on-site Out Post Commander can assist you with a FREE Get Fits Measurement and help you with orders. They even have demo gear for your use during an actual trail ride while you are thier guest.

Out Post Location

Are hand-selected, premier horse camps that are carefully selected by our Team.
First, because they are best in class - friendly, customer-service-oriented, well run facilities that care deeply about thier two-egged and four legged guests.
Secondly, they offer great riding for a variety of levels.
Thirdly, they accommodate rigs of all sizes within 10 miles of major highways.
How do we know this? We've been there! We have enjoyed their hospitality and we have ridden thier trails. Stop-by for a get fits measure & a day-ride. Stay with them anight, a week-end or a week and you will understand why we have chosen to associate our company with these Best in Class facilities.


This is a common term for a section of BioThanes straps placed over a wider BioThane strap. This is typically done with a strip of color on a Browbands, Reinss or Breast Collar shoulder straps called an overlays. It’s the outside strap on a Browband.