Glossary beginning with H

Glossary of Terms and Definitions


Types of Hackamores include: Bosal, Mechanical Hackamores & side pulls. A Hackamore is used instead of a bits on Head Gears. Typically goes over the nose and puts pressure on the nose. Because a Hackamore typically fits on the horses head in a position higher on the cheeks than a bit, we will need to know if you ride with a hackamore so that factory adjustments for fit can be made. We offer a Hackamore length in our Traditional Western Bridles. We do not sell Bits or Hackamores

Half Buckles

A half buckle has less metal showing and requires a keeper/loop to secure excess straps.


Head Gears used to tie up, groom and lead a horse. Unlike a Bridles, a Halters has a Ring underneath the nose band that is large enough for attaching a lead-rope. Halters are also made with additional strength in mind in case a tied horse pulls back. Halters alone do not hold a bits or reinss for riding. Note: At this time, we offer only Halter Bridles in our Essentials and Collection Series. If you are interested in a halter only, please just contact us.

Halter Bridle

A hybrid of a Halters and a bridles that is very popular with Endurance and Trail Riders. It is literally two Head Gears Styles combined into one multipurpose unit. It is a Halter (see Halter) with the extra strength and Ring required for a lead-rope, and a Bridle that accommodates a bits and reinss when you are ready to ride. Then if you stop along the trail for lunch or need to tie-up to your trailer - No problem - take the bit out & snap the lead rope on. You have your halter with you and already on the horse. Our Interchangeable Browbands even snap off our halter bridles for easy grooming (or if your horse likes to rub on trees when tied). We offer Two Designs of Halter Bridles.

Halter Ring

hardwares component of our Halter Bridles. It is what the lead rope attaches to when you tie up or lead your horse. It is sewn onto the Jaw Straps and the large ring floats across the chin straps

Halter Square

A hardwares component of our Halter Bridles. The one pictured is a three – way Halter Squares, as it holds three straps. It holds the noseband strap, chin straps and cheek straps in place on each side of the halters bridle

Hand Grip Braided Reins

See Braided Brow & Reinss too. This is a section of braid strategically applied to our reins where your hands typically are placed when you are riding. This gives you a real grip, even with moist hands, and a light touch. The Harness crowd uses braided BioThanes reins. Now, riders can too.


See Our Materials. All of the metal pieces used on our Horse Tack. Always Stainless Steel. Our use of the umbrella term Hardwares includes: Buckless, Snaps, Loops, Breast Collar Rings, O Rings, D Rings, etc.

Head Gear

We use the umbrella Term "Head Gears". This Category includes: Halter Bridles, Bridles & Headstallss.


We use the umbrella Term "Head Gears". Bridles & Headstallss seem to be interchangeable terms. All hold the bits in the horse’s mouth (or a Hackamores on the horses’ nose) and are used when a horse is actually being ridden.