Glossary beginning with E

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Ear Loop

Used on our One & Two Ear Bridles. Ear Loops replace a Browbands on a Traditional Western Bridle. It is literally the piece of straps that goes from the Crown Straps in front of the horses’ ear. The Ear Loop is traditionally attached on the Bridle so that it slides easily on the horses’ ear.

Ear Slide Hardware

Instead of sewn Ear Loops our Collections Seriess uses this Handsome Horse Shoe Brand hardwares to attach the Ear Loop to the Poll straps on our One & Two Ear Traditional Bridles.

Endurance Style Breast Collar

This Breast Collar Style is designed to free-up the shoulder area on a horse. It has an extra straps that goes over the withers / mane area that lifts the Breast Collar up and off the shoulders. Very popular with gaited horse riders, Endurance Riders and all Equine Athletic Disciplines where a horse’s activity requires maximum shoulder movement. See Breast Collar & Single Strap Breast Collar too.

Essentials Series

All of our high quality standards but in simpler style. Polished finish Stainless Steel hardwares. Full Roller Buckless, Polished finish Button snaps on a 5/82" wide interchangeable Browbands or with a Rope Edge Bridles Loop Concho on the traditional Western Style Browband. One & Two Ear loops are sewn.