Glossary beginning with C

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Changeable Browbands

Our series of snap-on Browbands that quickly snap on and off. You can change the entire look of your gear by purchasing an extra Browband or two. Match your outfit or sport your saddles club colors, your favorite sports team colors or the occasion - Red White & Blue for Independence Day? These SpecTACKular exclusive Browbands are made for fun!
Note: at this time, our Changeable Browbandss our designed to fit only SpecTACKular’s Head Gears

Cheek Strap

A component of a Bridles. Goes across cheek and attaches to the Crown Straps on a Traditional Western Bridle then attaches to the bits on the other end.

Chin Strap

A component of a Halter Bridles. The opposite, under side of the nose band.


See Girths too. Holds the saddles on the horse by securing it underneath the horse's belly. We do not sell cinches but our Breast Collarss attach to the ring in the center on them. Cinch is typically the term on a Western Style Saddle

Cinch Strap

Girths Straps

Cinch Strap Ring

See Girths Ring

Collections Series

Gear that is perfect for customers who want a designer look. Most Designs in the Collections Seriess feature Horse Shoe Brand Hardwares, colored 1 Brow bands and within a Collection it all matches. The Hardware and colors have been carefully selected to help you and your horse look…SpecTACKular.

Concho Covered Snap

See Snap, Button.


See Bridle Loop Conchoss & Screw Back Post Conchos. The Umbrella Term for the normally round decorative hardwares used on tack. A Concho is usually the accessories piece or "jewelry." But it also often provides a function too. Bridles Loop Conchos holds the Brow & strapping in place. Screw Post backed Conchos can often replace a Chicago Screw or Conway buckles, even holding the bits in place. We use Conchos on our Browbands a lot as a snap cover to add pizzazz to the Browband. We also use the Bridle Loop version on our Western Bridles. We sell these separately as well as applied to our Tack.

Conway Buckle

Hardwares with a center hole that secures the strapping when inserted into holes. Conway Buckless are not sewn on. It is best suited for use where adjustments are infrequent. Or where you need to keep bulk and weight down.

Crown Strap

A component of our Add-a-Bridles & our Traditional Western Bridle plus one & two ear bridles. The straps that attaches to the cheek piece and goes behind the horse’s ears at the top of his / her head at the Poll. On the Add-a bridle there will be two straps located at the Poll--A Poll Straps attaching to the halters and a Crown straps attaching to the Bridle.

Curb Chain

Sold separately from Head Gears. Attaches to your bits to help keep the bit in proper position in the horses’ mouth. Our curb chains require curb chain hooks or other attachment fastener for attachment to your bit. A Curb Chain replaces the need for a Curb Straps.

Curb Strap

Sold separately from Head Gears. Attaches to your bits to help keep the bit in proper position in the horses' mouth. Our curb straps are sold with or without a chain and buckle onto your bit. Our Curb Straps use only Stainless Steel Hardwares. If you order a Curb Strap with Chain, the chain is a single piece of chain 3 ½” long. A Curb Strap replaces the need for a curb chains.

Custom Size

See Get Fits and Measuring information. If your horse’s actual measurements or your bits purchase is unusually long (or short) you will require a custom sizes for best fit. No problem, however we do want you to be aware custom sizes take just a little while longer as they not in stock.