Glossary beginning with B

Glossary of Terms and Definitions


(a.k.a Bios & BioThanes) The Leather Alternative Performance Coated Strapping that looks and feels like Leather. Yet - It out performs leather in every way.


Slang for BioThanes Betas & Gold Series. More often referring to the Gold Series.


Is Betas & Gold Series and Bios. This is the high performance strapping Material we use instead of Leather to make all of our products.


Goes into a horse’s mouth. Thought of by riders as the Brake Pedal, the gas pedal and the steering wheel. It’s a communication device used when riding a horse. We do not sell bits and if a bit is pictured it’s for the concept of how to use our Head Gears or Reinss.

Bit Attachment

The end of the straps of our Head Gears that attaches to your bits. Can be the end of the cheek straps on a Traditional Western Bridles or one / two ear or on a Halter Bridles, the end of an Add-a-Bridles or Bit Hanger. Most of our Head Gear uses a Conway buckles at the Bit Attachments.

Bit Attachment Adjustment

On our Head Gears we pre-punch and heat seal multiple holes at the half inch, so that if your bits needs a small adjustment for a summer or winter coat thickness, this can be easily accommodated without adjusting the entire Bridles.

Bit Hangers

A component of our Halter Bridles with Bit Hangerss. The two straps that attach to your bits and then fasten into our Halters Bridle’s Elongated D Rings. Sets of extra bit hangers are available, even practical if you change bits or horses and want to use one Halter Bridle.

Bit Hobble

Oddly enough this doesn’t go on a bits, but a bit-less Hackamores (Usually, a Mechanical Hackamore) as the straps under the chin. It looks like a curb straps, but much shorter in length.

Bit Purchase Length

The measurement from your bit’s mouth piece horizontal bar to the top of the ring wear the cheek piece on our Head Gears attaches. See our Bit Diagram under "How to Measure". Our Head Gear is made to fit a 2"-2-1/2" Bit Purchase which is the most common. If your Bit Purchase is exceptionally long we need to know this so that our cheek piece on the bit end can be shortened.

Braided Brows and Reins

See Hand Grip Braid also. Three strands narrow width BioThanes are Braided and then sewn on the ends to create a section. On a Browbands it’s a create look. On our Reinss it’s a great look and gives you an improved grip.

Breast Collar Center Rings

The hardwares that is at the Center of the Breast with three straps sewn onto it. One strap on each side going toward the Saddles & the other strap going to the girths or cinch.

Breast Collar Martingale Plate

Replaces the Breast Collar Center Ring. Used in our Collections Seriess Breast Collarss.

Breast Collar Measurements

Measurements should be taken with your horse saddled. Two measurements are needed to achieve the proper size to order.

Breast Collars

Its purpose is to help keep your saddles from slipping back when you go up a steep hill. The Endurance Style Breast Collars attaches to the "D" rings of your saddle and then goes across the horses breast and then between their legs attaching to your girths or cinch. The Single Straps Breast Collar typically attaches to your saddles cinch ring, near the billet strap. See also Single Strap Breast Collar and Endurance Style (or off the shoulder style) Breast Collarss.


We use the umbrella Term “Head Gear”. Bridles & Headstallss seem to be interchangeable terms. All hold the bits in the horse’s mouth (or a Hackamores on the horses’ nose) and are used when a horse is actually being ridden.

Bridle Loop Conchos

See Conchoss. A Bridles Loop Concho is used on a Traditional Western Bridle to separate & secure the Browbands to the poll straps and throat latchs. For proper fit on your pre-existing Head Gears, you need to know both strap widths, plus allow for the spacing of the metal bar on the back. Usually these are the accessories piece or jewelry on a Western Bridle too.


Goes horizontally across the forehead of the horse. Functionally secures the poll straps & if applicable, the Throat Latchs so it stays in place. It is not a pressure point on the horse but if it’s too tight can pull the entire Head Gears forward and out of alignment on the horse’s cheek, ear, etc.
Browbands can & should be fun. See our Interchangeable Browbands


See Half Buckle or Full buckle or Conway Buckles

Button Snap

See Snap, button