Glossary beginning with A

Glossary of Terms and Definitions


The bridles part of our “Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridles.” If you are preparing to ride a horse, first you must catch and groom the horse. The traditional halters has a special ring under the chin for attaching the lead rope. Our “Add-a-Bridle” allows the bridle with bits to be added right over our Halter Bridle. No need to remove the halter. No need to pack an extra Halter for a lunch stop on the trail when you want to tie up your horse. The Add-a-Bridle and bit slips off in a moment’s time. The Add-a-Bridle goes over the ears and, while riding, is held together to the halter with a special interchangeable Browbands. It is an alternative to our Halter Bridle with Bit Hangerss.

Adjustment Holes

All of our Gear has adjustment holess in the straps near buckless, unless otherwise stated. We punch, and then heat seal all holes to assure it remains waterproof.


Are carefully selected, independent representatives of our product. Ambassadorss have been trained thoroughly by our Team to help you select the right Gear for your Equine Athlete. Our Ambassadors travel with their horses and they ride their horses a lot. You'll find them in horse camps, out riding the trails or competing on their horse. Find one in a horse camp or at a trail head or near their horse trailer and they usually have demo-tack, can help adjust your Gear, can measure your on-site horse or help you Design something special.