How do I apply a Coupon?

The item you have a coupon for must be in your order cart, along with all items needed to qualify.  

  1. Once all items are in your shopping cart begin "Checkout".  
  2. Enter shipping / billing information as requested.
  3. Click "Click to Calulate shipping".
  4. Select desired Payment Method
  5. Enter Coupon Code AND click "Apply to Order". Read text that appears to see if qualifications have been met.
    • If not, return to Shopping cart & add qualifying items / quanities
    • If accepted, continue 
  6. Enter any "Order Comments" to help us get your order right or give us your horse's name.
  7. If OK. then Click "Review Order".  
  8. Coupon deduction should be correctly applied under "Payment Method". If the coupon is not applied hit "Back" & review.  The most common error is forgetting to click "Apply Coupon" button.

Note: Coupon codes are not case-sensitive

Still having trouble.  We are sorry - been there - that's f-r-u-s-tr-a-t-i-n-g.  We can help

Call us 913.299.4494 &/or put your items into your "Wish List" and email.