Explain your sizes, please.

As you may have noticed we use non-traditional size names "Sleek" and the slightly large "Standard".  

Sleek Sizes - This size is our most popular size.  Most Gaited, Refined Paint or Quarter Horses and Arabian horses will wear this size.

Standard Sizes - This size is slightly larger then sleek.  Most larger Quarter Horses, Fresian, Draft Cross-Breeds will wear this size.

Custom Sizes - This is perfect if your horse has a petite nose or maybe is a TWH with a traditional long head.  Just like human-beings, size can vary, even within a breed.  

Shop with Confidence - Any Stock Item can be easily Exchanged for size within 30 days.


As consumers ourselves years ago, we were found that traditional terms like "Cob" or "Horse" size had little consistancy across brands.  One-time a bridles in "Horse" Size would fit, the next time it would be huge or too small for our own horse.  So why keep using the outdated terminolgy?

When we designed our tack, we studied hundreds of common trail horse breeds.  This included the under-served, popular "Gaited" Horse breeds.  However, on the trail you find about every horse breed (& mule) there is.  We then decided to design our patterns in two stock sizes to fit the majority of todays trail horses...comfortably

Product Specfic Size Comments


  • Our Bridles are designed to fit 97% of the bits & hackamores with minimal adjustment.  However let us know in the order notes if you have an unusal bit shape.
  • Halter Bridles are the most challenging to fit properly, due to five point contact & a bunch of geometry.
  • Breast Collar fit is influenced by the chest width AND the saddles.  Icelandics, Pasos and Fresians also always require shorten shoulder and a custom size
  • Our Curb Straps and Chains have the most adjustablity of any we know of.


Learn More on Sizes and how to measure here