Are BioThane, Bio & Beta the same thing?

Kind of... Its all BioThanes, has been since the 70's, however the "slang" or umbrella term sometimes incorrectly used is "Betas" to decribe the general catagory of material. Similar to the way many of us say "Klennex" to describe all tissue paper.

The BioThane US Company is located in Ohio.  They make many different types of Coated Webbed straping used in the military, by the NFL, Medical applications and yes, Equine.  

For Equine use two web "coatings" are commonly used to make horse tack & harness.  

Those are:

BioThane Beta - The more leather-like matt coating / finish

BioThane Gold - The shiney, thinner coating / finish


BioThane's strapping is made in the USA and is American as Apple Pie.  To the best of our knowledge they are the only brand of coated web strap made in the USA.


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