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Measuring Your Horse for SpecTACKular Headgear

Here's the SpecTACKular Guru herself, Sherry McLean, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to measure your horse for SpecTACKular Headgear:


Dora - Changeable Browbands

Dora, a black beauty with a striking blaze, is owned by our designer and lead ambassador, Suzie.  Dora is a Racking Horse that glides out at over 17 MPH on the trail.  Whew!  As you can imagine, Suzie's horse has really stylish gear.  Dora looks classic in our Tuxedo Gold series, wearing our Biothane™ halter bridles with bit hangerss and our changeable browbandss.  Three different looks are achieved by changing the browband from braided to turquoise spots to a classic black and white gloss.

Hot Shot - Brown Beta Series

Hot Shot is a gorgeous Sorrel Racking Horse, who is gussied up in our Halter Bridles with Bit Hangerss from the Classic Hot Shot Brown Betas Series.

This ensemble is jazzed up with a little bling-bling on his changeable browbands: 10 Amber crystal spots. Hot Shot's gear has matching BioThane™ Beta Reinss that have braided hand grips in just the right location for when this boy moves out.

Bandit - Tuxedo Collection

BanditThis adorable Buckskin Racking Horse, Bandit, is sporting items from our Tuxedo Collection. Bandit is wearing our Halter Bridles with Bit Hangerss and a matching Endurance Style Breast Collars.

Bandit selected the lightweight BioThane™ Gold Series in Gloss Black with a subtle touch of Gloss White on the Brow Band and Nose Band that accentuate the white socks on his legs. His reinss are Black BioThane™ Betas Series with a Gloss Black overlays & Braided Grips for the riders hands.

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