Hot Shot - Brown Beta Series

Hot Shot is a gorgeous Sorrel Racking Horse, who is gussied up in our Halter Bridles with Bit Hangerss from the Classic Hot Shot Brown Betas Series.

This ensemble is jazzed up with a little bling-bling on his changeable browbands: 10 Amber crystal spots. Hot Shot's gear has matching BioThane™ Beta Reinss that have braided hand grips in just the right location for when this boy moves out.

Bandit - Tuxedo Collection

BanditThis adorable Buckskin Racking Horse, Bandit, is sporting items from our Tuxedo Collection. Bandit is wearing our Halter Bridles with Bit Hangerss and a matching Endurance Style Breast Collars.

Bandit selected the lightweight BioThane™ Gold Series in Gloss Black with a subtle touch of Gloss White on the Brow Band and Nose Band that accentuate the white socks on his legs. His reinss are Black BioThane™ Betas Series with a Gloss Black overlays & Braided Grips for the riders hands.

Why I Started SpecTACKular

Horses.  I love them.  Always have.  When I was a little girl, whenever anyone asked what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always, always told them “a horse.”  I figured if I never gave another clue about what I wanted, eventually I’d get a horse.  That didn’t work out as I hoped, so I saved my money, and on my 18th birthday I bought my own.

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