Loop Rein - Hand Grip Braided - Biothane Beta Chocolate Brown with Double Popper

BioThane Beta Loop Reins Chocolate Brown with Hand Grip Braid & Double Popper
Horse Shoe Conway Buckle - BRUSHEDStainless Steel "O" Ring - POLISHEDThumb Touch - Stainless Steel Scissor SnapClose Up of Double Popper - BioThane Beta
SKU: 2-3-325-03
Reins Primary Color: 
Chocolate Brown Beta BR523
Hardware Conway buckle: 
Horse Shoe BRUSHED
Braid Primary Color: 
Chocolate Brown Beta BR523

Classic Betas Series - Loop Rein with Continuous Hand Grip Braid Style - Center O Rings with Double Snap-on Popper- 3/4" x 8'-5"  in Chocolate Brown Beta BioThanes w/ Horse Brushed Inlay Conway Buckless.  Includes: Double Popper (two 1/2" x 30"L) # 1-3-350-40

Price: $89.99

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