Made in America

SpecTACKular's horse tack has always been Made in America.

  • All SpecTACKular products are Made in The USA by highly skilled Amish Craftsmen
  • BioThane Beta coated webbing is Made in Ohio, USA and has been since it was introduced in 1978
  • Jeremiah Watt's Horse Shoe Western Embossed Tack Hardware is designed in Northern California, USA

Western horse tack is America's horse tack, dating back to the Cowboys & the cattle drives of the Wild West. Western Horse Tack was born here, in the U.SA. SpecTACKular decided early, our production should stay here.

BIOTHANE ® is a registered trademark of BioPlastics Company, Inc. in North Ridgeville, OH and is used under license. All Rights reserved.
BIOTHANE ® is Made in America. Do not be fooled by offshore knock-offs, even if sold in the US

Who makes BioThane Tack?
SpecTACKular does. Right here in the USA! Just like leather horse tack manufacturers, who buy leather, then sew & assemble it to create their company's product. We create our own exclusive, original ideas and design patterns for every piece of the horse tack that we manufacturer and sell. We have chosen to use BioThane Beta strapping instead of leather to make our products. It's the best material for the job.

We are not a reseller. We do not copycat. Years of thought, experience, trial and error go into each tack pattern by real horseback riders. Every new tack design pattern is field tested by horseback riders on horses until the tack pattern is perfected and ready to be Made for You and your horse by SpecTACKular craftsmen.

You can purchase BioThane Beta tack elsewhere, but you cannot purchase the quality of SpecTACKular Tack anywhere else!