Horse Tack Wardrobe Stylist Consultation

Personal Stylist Assistance for your SpecTACKular Horse Tack Wardrobe
~ A personal Tack consultant for you and your horse ~ We want you and your horse to Look SpecTACKular for years to come. We have helped create & consulted on many customer's tack wardrobes over the last 10 years. It's the best part of our j-o-b. Tack takes trends, makes trends or avoids them.

For a Tack Stylist, looking at
Horse tack becomes a "professional obsession". The tack is what we see first in a photo of horse & rider. Its an endless passion.

Our stylist can help you personalize your Tack....just so.

If you would like a Tack Wardrobe Stylists Consultation for your horse's SpecTACKular Tack, we are always happy to help.
Which do you prefer?
1 - Answers to quick styling question or two? Please call, email or message us for a prompt reply.

2 -
A complete Styling consultation? Please contact us for an appointment so that we can give you the full, uninterrupted attention you deserve. The typical Stylist Consultation takes 15-20 Minutes.

In advance of your consultation time, please send to us:
  • A few photos of your horse - Tacked up and not. Left side, Right side, Front
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Colors you love or don't
  • Discipline - Trail Rider, Rodeo, Endurance, Barrels, Ranch Sorting, Penning, Competitive Trail, Roping, Cutting. Western Dressage, Mounted Shooter, etc.
  • Anything else that you want us to know

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