Selecting Color for your Horse's Tack

BioThane Beta comes in lots of colors - currently 34. Our Metal Bling come in three shapes. Our Crystal Spots come in 12 colors. This is a lotta' choices and you may know exactly what you'll choose.
If you haven't yet decided, and you would like some designer color selection tips, please - read on...

What is your style? Or are you a combination of styles?

Traditional - Example: My saddle is black, I'll take all black
You want to match - Your leather Saddle or Your Saddle Pad or Tie them visually together

Personalization ideas
  • We offer Black Beta, Chocolate Brown Beta and Caramel Brown which match most saddles.
  • Have a brown saddle but dreaming of a black one in the future. Order Black Beta Tack with a Two-Tone Browband or Overlay in Black / Brown to tie the colors together
  • Traditional with a little style? Add a decorative Concho or some round spots.

Plays Favorites - Example: My horse wears Red Tack
You like one color or color scheme for your horses tack - always have and maybe always will. Also describes those that color-code multiple horses in their barn.

Personalization ideas
  • Of course, you can order an entire outfit in your favorite color. All Violet as an example. We can even add bling to match with Lavender Crystal Spots
  • You can order a "Traditional" base color (Black or Brown) and use your favorite color as the accent (or top layer) for Browbands & Breast Collars & Rein Poppers
  • You can even order the base color in your favorite color, then change the accent color around. So if Violet was your base - A Browband with Violet / Bright Orange, a Browband with Hot Pink, or Gloss White.

Fashionista - Example: New color, new bling are so your thing
You always have you and your horse dressed in coordinating, stylish, fashion forward gear. You love new looks and changing things up.

Personalization ideas
  • You are going to LOVE our unique EZ Change Changeable System. You select the base Bridle and Breast Collar. Then the EZ Change Changeable Browbands and Breast Collar Overlays can be purchased separately in any color or bling combo. You can add to your collection - more Browbands, Snap-On overlays and rein poppers for every occasion, Holiday, season, saddle club or outfit without breaking the bank.
  • We have lots and lots of high-quality choices that will last.
  • Lots of Bling and High End Designer looks for you to personalize your horsey eye candy.

It's all about my horse - Example: My horses White socks would pop with White Tack accents
You want to select the color and bling best suited for your horse's coat & skin undertones.

Personalization ideas
  • You will appreciate how many, many combinations we offer in just the right color
  • Black Tack looks good on any color of horse
  • Black Tack really pulls out the skin tones of a buckskin, bay, Black Gray
  • Chocolate Brown Tack tends to look best on Chestnuts, Red Roans, Duns, Sorrels
  • Horses with Chrome (paint colored or white socks, a blaze, etc) go for Gloss White - Accents or Base. Wowza
  • Jade Beta, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue, Hunter Green Beta and Emerald Green tend to be good color choices for most horse coat coloration
  • Check out this tool with color suggestions for your horse from Hobby Horse Clothing Company - Click here

There is no "right or wrong" way to personalize your choices. You are unique. Your horse will Look SpecTACKular in whatever color you choose.