How to measure for a Belt

We have observed that the leather belt makers measure without consistency- men's or women's. Some measure the entire belt and buckle, from end-to-end. Some the leather only. Some to the first adjustment hole. Some measure your waist size.

The point being, just because you normally wear a 40" leather belt, may or may not mean you wear a SpecTACKular size 40".

Measuring for a SpecTACKular Belt Size is simple.

  1. Lay your existing favorite belt flat
  2. Measure from the leather fold, to the favorite hole you buckle into. Don't include the buckle in the measurement.
  3. If the Fold to Hole is 40", order a SpecTACKular size 40"

Our Belts are made to fit through most Western denim blue jeans' belt loops. The width provided in our product specs description is the width of the BioThane Beta belt material. If your pants or jeans' belt loops are unusually wide or narrow, please measure the inside dimension of the belt loops.