How to add Adjustment Holes & Cut Excess Strap

We would love to provide you a perfect fit "right out of the box." The truth is, however, that your horse is a unique animal, and a perfect fit usually requires a few tweaks and adjustments. The good news is that adjusting our tack for the best fit is easy to do.

The strapping can be cut to remove excess with a pair of sharp scissors. We like an “English Point” at the end of our strapping for a clean look. Be sure to leave the strapping long enough to extend at least ¾ inch beyond the keeper or 1” past the Conway Buckle metal pin hole.

If a hole is needed where it is not provided, a simple leather punch will do the job. Take care to center the hole on the strapping, and make a hole just large enough for the buckle tongue or Conway Buckle Metal Pin to slide through tightly. A hole too small is better than too big. Tip - For a professional look, measure between the holes for even placement.

Measure twice, cut or punch once. Hopefully you understand that we cannot exchange or refund items once you have added holes or cut.

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