How to Conquer the Conway Buckle

We’ll admit a Conway buckle is possibly the most cursed piece of hardware used on horse tack.

Why have we chosen to use it? Simple – It reduces bulk
The Conway allows the use of only two pieces of strap versus the three or four required for other types of buckles. This adds to the comfort of your horse & decreases weight.

The bright spot - In most cases, once you survive the initial "move in", you’ll rarely interact with the Conway buckles again. Whew!

Here is our Conway Buckle Survival Guide

  1. Scootch” - top strap through Conway Buckle and past the keeper
  2. Exaggerate – Pull the top strap way up creating a much larger “Loop” then actually needed for adjustment.
  3. Adjust the bottom strap first. Move Bottom strap into the next hole desired (or mark for punching a new one) & Secure over metal Pin. The Bottom or underneath strap goes first for best appearance, easiest adjustment and safety
  4. Adjust the Top Strap. Now line up the exaggerated top strap and secure onto the metal pin & desired adjustment hole
  5. Move the keeper to secure any slack in appearance

Note - The folded, bottom strap always should be the first onto the Conway Buckle’s metal pin, and then the top strap (outside) should follow. This is for safety

Giddy Up - You are Done

Have a SpecTACKular Ride!

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