How to Initially Adjust our Bridles

Initial Adjustment Tips - Bridles & Halter Bridle Combos

You will love your new SpecTACKular Bridle. Please remember the initial adjustments and tweaks will require a little time and is better done when you’re not rushed. Here are some tips to help make the initial set up easy.

When doing the initial set-up for our Halter Bridles Combos, remember you are adjusting two pieces of tack--"Halter + Bridle"--to work in harmony on your horse. Each will need some adjustment to assure the perfect fit. In the rare case where excess strap needs to be cut, or additional adjustment holes punched, we recommend that you not cut strap or punch holes until you have ridden with the tack enough for the adjustments to "settle."

ADJUST THE HALTER FIRST! Make the adjustments in the following order:

  1. Throatlatch - Snug, about two fingers slack is all you want. "Scooch" that strap & Conway buckle to tighten. Do not worry about adjustment holes - yet
  2. Noseband - About 2-3 fingers slack
  3. Mark the Throatlatch & Noseband - If additional adjustment holes will be needed, don't punch them yet. Mark them with White Chalk, a grease pencil or Painters Tape to punch later.
  4. Poll Strap - Avoid tightening the poll strap behind the ears. Use one of the two holes. Do not add holes. FYI - This is also the pull-back break-away
  5. Browband - Snap it on

Lift the lead rope snap to remove the weight & pressure. Evaluate again. Is the throatlatch still snug or is it droopy? If its not snug, snug it some more.

Additional adjustment holes and securing everything into place will be done at the end, once all adjustments are completed.

Your Halter should now be fit. Remember our Patterns, Materials & our comfortable Strategic Stitching allow an improved, athletic fit without rubbing or chaffing your horse's skin.

  1. Bit & Curb - Attach your bit & curb straps to the ends of the Bit Hangers or Add-a-Bridle or Western Bridle. Attach your curb strap to the bit
  2. Bit up - Place the bit in the horse's mouth. Secure the bridle strap behind the ears as you normally do or snap the bit hangers into the elongated Dee rings
  3. Adjust the Straps to the bit
  • Cheek Buckles get adjusted first (Add-a-Bridle & Western Headstalls Only - )
  • Then adjust Conway Buckles at the bit. Notice the little 1/2" adjustment holes for ongoing little "nudge" adjustments. Underneath is tidier
  • Most believe that the horse should be "smiling" with one slight crease in the corners of the mouth. Too Long? Too Short? Mark, remove, and then adjust as needed.

Tips - Getting the bit detached and reattached can be intimidating for some. Here are a few tips you may find useful.
  • Before detaching the bit from your old bridle, take reference photos of: a) The way the bit attaches; and b) The "smile" in your horses mouth when properly bitted up
  • If you leave your bit attached to the old bridle while you attach the new bridle, it will be a good guide on approximate length adjustments that will be needed

Time to Check & Test
  1. Once everything is adjusted & secured, ride in a safe, controlled area and double check your tack. BioThane does not stretch, but it gives and flexes with your horse. It also flattens, shapes and has a temporary "memory." Like with any new Tack, on your first ride plan to stop and check a few times that all is adjusted and fitting as desired.
  2. Also, your horse may need a slight seasonal adjustment at the bit due to changes from winter to summer coats. Our adjustment holes at the bit are 1/2" apart for this very purpose.

Giddy Up - You are Done
Have a SpecTACKular Ride!

We are always here to assist. Please contact us for virtual coaching or with any questions.