How to Measure & Size Horse Tack

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It's important that your horse's tack fits. Horse Tack properly fit, and adjusted, keeps your horse comfortable and both of you safe. This is why, when we created our original product's patterns, we gave a great deal of thought to the athletic fit required.

We threw out old fashioned sizing terms like "Horse", "Cob / Arabian", "Average", "Gaited", "Large Horse" & "Draft". We took a different approach to designing our exclusive patterns to fit the modern physique of our trail, working and pleasure horses of today. We also took a play from the human clothing world - measure the body.

This led us to assign fresh new sizing names to our product patterns - terms like "Sleek" and "Standard". Yes, all sizes come with adjustability. In the Product Specs for each product you will find a section called Size-Wise. There you will find Size Charts and more product specific information.

We currently have three sizes available:
  • Sleek - Fits most Trail Horses - 14.3 hh to 15.3 hh
  • Standard - Fits larger, wider horses & Mules - 15.2 hh to 16.2 hh
  • Custom Sizes - Require the Horse to be measured. (It's easier than you think.)
Have confidence! Any In-Stock Item can be exchanged for size within 30 days

We want your Tack to fit, please allow us to help guide you pre-purchase.

Self-help is easy:
  1. Watch our Video
  2. Measure your horse
  3. See the Size Chart

Show us / Let us help:
  • Schedule a cell phone video consultation with your horse - Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime
  • Email or text Photos - Near Side, Far Side, Front, Overall horse
  • Use Social Media to send photos or video chat - InstraGram or Facebook
  • Call us

Returns & Exchanges for Sizing
  • Any In-Stock Item can be exchanged for Size within 30 days
  • Made for You Items can not be returned or exchanged for sizing.
  • We are always here to assist you with the initial fitting & adjustments once your product arrives.